As the saying goes, sometimes where there's smoke, there's fire!!!

You know Pete's an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a proven job creator, and a conservative foot soldier for the movement -- starting with Ollie North and Ollie's Army all the way back in '94 and now on Fox News — but you may not know that Pete's a World Championship Certified BBQ Judge.  Yep, that's right… they say he has a snout for that succulent smokey porcine or simply put, Pete knows his pig.

And every fire-tested, results producing, iron-clad conservative needs a fire-tested, results producing, iron-clad vehicle to smoke out the liberals…and by vehicle, we don't mean a platform (though Pete has one), we mean a REAL VEHICLE.  So lemme introduce you to the Pete's Pig Rig, which underwent some special upgrades and customizations to become the Pete for Lt. Governor Pig Rig:

Virginia's a pretty big state — we firmly believe there are a LOT of conservatives out there who are hungry for a proven and principled leader — and for a new face and grassroots direction for our country and our party.

Unfortunately for the rig, Mrs. Snyder has kicked it out of its pen at the Snyder residence, forcing it to find a new home elsewhere.  But worry not, Pete and the Pig Rig will still be comin' to your city real soon and you'll have a chance to sample our 'que and find out the REAL RUB on Pete.

And if you can't make it, we've got you covered, with Pete's famous dry rub recipe:

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